Working with Vivid Locations

Dasbhoard Page

  • From the Dashboard panel, navigation to System & Settings -> Basics -> Locations
  • From this page you can "Add Location", or "Edit" & "Delete" existing locations.
  • Clicking "Add Location" will take you to a simple form to fill out your address information.
    • Once you've filled out your address information, you're free to hit "Add Location" to save that.
    • None of these fields are required, but if you intend on using the map block later, you'll at least want to fill out:
      • Address
      • City
      • Postal/Zip Code
    • If you intend on using the map block, you'll first need to click "Get GeoLocation" after typing in the required fields. Clicking this button will populate the "Latitude" and "Longitude" fields. 

Location vCard Block

  • This block is found in the "Multimedia" block set.
  • Simply Select the location you'd like to display, and select which style you'd like
    • Inline - simply spits out a single line with all of the information
    • Inline Pipes - Puts a Vertical line spacer in between the location, address, and phone number
    • Stacked - Places each value in a new line.

Location Map Block

  • This block is found in the "Multimedia" block set.
  • Simply check which locations you'd like to show on the map
  • You can set the height of the map in pixels