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Review posted by robperin on at

It does exactly what it says...

Along the way, I found that in the version I had, the content of the FAQ wasn't being picked up by the C5 index/search system. My FAQ is getting large, so that is a problem.

I filed a ticket and scant hours later the developer had a new version that indexes GREAT!

I got what I wanted and what I paid for with this add-on and I can recommend it.
Review posted by BlueHamlet on at

Nice add-on, great support

Webli FAQ makes it easier to create and maintain a FAQ. It has a reasonable price and basic but good functionality. You can start using the extension without a manual, the are no special settings. Support is very good. I had an issue with the accordion block combined with the submit block using the Fundamental theme. Good response from Peter and within a few days the problem was solved.

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