jCarousel is a jQuery plugin for controlling a list of items in horizontal or vertical order.
To use the Whale jCarousel addon, select images, enter title and description (optional) and go.
also, there are plenty of option to customize your carousel:


  • Easily select items from the file manager.
  • Insert title, description, and URL for each item
  • T & D buttons: Fetch all title/description attribute of selected items as default values.


  • Vision: If passed, the width/height of the items will be calculated and set depending on the width/height of the clipping, so that exactly that number of items will be visible.
  • Scroll: The number of items to scroll by.
  • Start: The index of the item to start with.
  • Offset: The index of the first available item at initialization.
  • Size: The number of total items. 0 means number of existing elements if size is not passed explicitly.
  • Animation: The speed of the scroll animation as string in jQuery terms ("slow" or "fast") or milliseconds as an integer. If set to 0, the animation is turned off.
  • Easing: The name of the easing effect that you want to use
  • Auto: Specifies how many seconds to periodically auto-scroll the content. If set to 0 (default) then autoscrolling is turned off.
  • Wrap: Specifies whether to wrap at the first/last item (or both) and jump back to the start/end. Options are "first", "last", "both" or "circular" as string. If set to null, wrapping is turned off (default).
  • Button Prev Event: Specifies the event which triggers the prev scroll.


  • Theme: Carousel Theme (Light, Dark, Navy)
  • Items Layout: Portrait or Landscape, it is recommended to set Visible & Scroll to 1, in case of using Landscape layout.
  • Block Width: Exact width of block (600px, 90%,...). Leave it blank for auto.
  • Block Height: Exact height of block (200px,...). Leave it blank for auto. Define it when your carousel is vertical.


  • Link Read More: Insert this text and link it to Item URL (Defined in Images Tab). Leave it blank if you do not need this.
  • Link Image: Link image to Item URL.
  • Link Title: Link Title to Item URL.
  • Link Desc: Link Description to Item URL.