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Before 1.1.0

Review posted by lota on at

Very useful to manage data in table

I use this block in some site with satisfaction.

When data change Often I find it convenient not use table inside content standard but this block. People can change data in the back office without worrying about the page.

1.1.0 -

Review posted by ppisoban on at

Excellent add-on

I needed a simple way for my client to update his tabular cruise/price list on his site on a regular basis as the cruises fill up, and add to in future years. I had a quick look on the marketplace and came across this add on which seemed perfect for my needs. I installed it and made the table and added it to the site, and I was right - it is perfect for my needs. An example of something properly thought through and executed for maximum ease of use, and it looks beautiful too, in both normal and responsive modes. You can really easily add and remove columns and rows and move them about and style it up, including a simple row stripe.

5 stars no problem, thank you for making my life much easier!

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