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Before 1.0.1

Review posted by band2852 on at

Amazing Work

This tabs add-on has got to be one of the best and most functional I have seen. To top that off, it is easier to work with than other options, no need to make sure you add cells and everything in a certain order, just build your stacks and the rest is click and go. The absolute only thing I would ever ask, is if it was possible to fully customize the tabs themselves. You already add much more to that than other options, but that would be it. I commend you on your work and will look for your add-ons first, when I need something, in the future.

1.0.1 -

Review posted by neminc74 on at

That's exactly what I imagined.

Easy Install, lot of option, excellent help service. What else need for a developer?
Many Thanks, Robert
Review posted by jkmelancon on at

This add-on is the real deal.

I've used many c5 tab add-ons. This kind of sub-navigation is generally useful. Whale Sky Tabs is excellent, many details are well thought out. I heartily recommend this add-on, and it is at a great price.
Review posted by carl101lee on at

Thanks worked a treat, and support is good

Thanks their are many options and settings you can play with, and the support is excellent for me.
With little help, can now load set-tab from anchor URL.


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