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Review posted by rayjohn66 on at

Just what the Dr. ordered

I've had this block but never used it till now. Working on a site with 200 plus pages and wanted to know which ones did not the the banner. Now I think I can make a page default and unselect the pages already populated which were idenified with "Where Is My Block"

So it turns out that about 150 are populated with my block so it will not be so easy for the page default... unless it was coded to have the option to show which pages don't have that block..<hint>. But at least I know where I stand on this issue. It IS a very nice UI
Response by beebs93 on at
Thank you for the review, Rayjohn. I've added your subtle feature request to the GitHub repo ( I think it's an excellent idea and I appreciate the feedback :D

I'm currently awaiting 5.7 to be a bit further along before I start the process of upgrading this add-on and implementing any new features.
Review posted by briggers on at

Brilliant extension

Exactly what is needed when a site gets bigger than a handful of pages. This is a must for inclusion in the core.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

The bigger a site gets, the more useful this is

I regularly use this when I have forgotten where I have added blocks, on production sites, development sites, and for prb reviews.
Review posted by aghouseh on at


Does exactly what it says, and does it simple and elegantly; An invaluable tool for anyone wishing to do a high-level block usage audit.

Also, the code is a model of clarity and structure, as usual; A+++ WOULD DO BUSINESS AGAIN.
Review posted by OKDnet on at

If/When you need it... it delivers easily and perfectly

This is one of those utilities that you might not understand why or when you need it (especially if you're newer to C5) until you do. I thought that must be the case when I first saw it. Well sure enough... I needed it and I'm glad I remembered it. I was happy to find it delivers easily and perfectly.
Review posted by jordanlev on at

Super Useful

This is awesome. I needed to find out all the pages on a site that had a certain block on them, and was about to do some crazy SQL querying against the database -- but then I remembered seeing this block and thought "that's exactly what I need".

Not only was it in fact exactly what I needed, but the UI is super slick -- very polished, and I agree with the other reviewer that it is "aligned with the C5 feel".

I only have one minor suggestion for the documentation: it is not clear to me if the count of blocks per page includes blocks on older page versions or not.

Thanks beebs93!
Response by beebs93 on at
Thanks for the review jordan :)

I appreciate the suggestion and I've made an issue out of it for the next version ( )

Before 1.0

Review posted by focus43 on at


Yea so... this works absolutely perfect. Seems like its so useful it should be something integrated into the core. Also - the UI is totally aligned with the "concrete5" feel. Ajax refreshing and the like.

Cudos Beebs93
Response by beebs93 on at
Thanks for the review, focus43! :)

I'm currently working on an update that'll include integrating the standard concrete5 page menu modal (like the "Page Search" dashboard page) to align it even more with the core UI.

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