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Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Almost perfect

Very good indeed. The only thing it is missing is being able to replace the 'Powered by Concrete5' text in the admin panel. You have to manually do that. But, I'm a fan. I've purchased 100 licenses, so one could say... I'm a fan!
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Very nice indeed!

It adds the branding I was looking for. Easy to implement, plenty of buttons to push. The only other option I would like to see is to be able to display/hide the 'powered by concrete5' link in the admin. I understand why it is there, just would like the functionality. Other than that one little thing, I like it so much I purchased the developer package!
Review posted by tobyme on at

Excellent for my workflow and improving my work

This is a great non-fidgety way to tart up your site pre client handover. Why it isn't native to the core I don't know.

It means no more fidlling around with settings files and advanced permissions. One simple quick way to install and tweak a site pre cleint access.

Well done and thank you.

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