Tags Sources

With this addon you can extract words from almost any content:

  • Page tags (extract tags from concrete5 tags system)
  • Page Summaries (compute word cloud from the page summary)
  • Page "Main" area content
  • Manually entered Text
  • or a Manual Array (enter/change manually all characteristics of each word)
Words can be filtered according to an exception list, and limited in numbers, compared as case sensitive or insensitive.

Source pages can be chosen from :

  • All pages
  • Pages directly under the current page
  • All pages under the current page path
  • Pages directly under another (selectable) page
  • All pages under another (selectable) page path
  • Only the current page
  • A selectable page

All page lists can be filtered according to their page types.

You have a total control on the words size, link, color, in the advanced mode (Use javascript://yourJsCode to change the onclick event and execute some js code).

Behavior Options

  • Redirect users on click to a specific page or to a specific url (or not).
  • Use the word clicked to search in content or tags (or don't use it).
  • Send the word to a custom query param

Display Options

  • Make case insensitive
  • Make words uppercase
  • Control scale type (log, square root, random, or linear)
  • Control block geometry (width/heigth)
  • Control words orientation (angles)
  • Control coloring :
    • D3js scales (scale20, scale20b, scale20c, scale10) 
    • Gradient
    • Bicolor
    • Monochrome
    • inherit from CSS

Advanced Options

  • Load the effect or not
  • Load D3js or not (in case you load it from some other place)
  • Use local or remote d3.js version
  • Pre calculate sizes
  • Shuffle words before rendering
  • cache tags extraction
  • enforce block size or not

Still not satisfied ? Need something ?? Just PM me, I'll see what I can do.