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Review posted by pim75 on at


Simply great. Excellent add on to give your site that extra..

Very happy with it and keep up the good work !!

Thanks, Pim.
Response by jb1 on at
Hi Pim,

Thank you for the review. However, you might want to use the support ticketing system for your question instead. I will take a look at this and get back to you within 24 hours.

Review posted by casimirj on at

Wouldn't recommend - want a refund

Been trying to get this added to the site for over a month. Have posted questions and have never received information back. Tried all documentation and updating CSS etc, but is still not working - bad plug in and bad customer service. Looking for a refund.

Update: finally heard back, supplied all info requested. No resolution, every other poster received support and assistance as should with any developer of a plug in. We received no information but can pay more money to make the plug in work. Any other website when you purchase an add on offers developer support however this one wants money to make their plug in work. We will be asking for a refund as plug in does not work and no proper support was supplied.
Response by jb1 on at

We responded to your support ticket promptly (less than 24 hours) we even gave you the instructions on how to add this add-on in the page. Saying you didn't receive any information back is not true and unfair. We also asked you where this block was installed so we could help but we didn't get any response. We stand behind all our add-ons and we have hundreds of customers using this so the question why it doesn't work on your site could be attributed to your theme. We are willing to help only if you could provide the info we need.

Review posted by beals on at

Hello all

this is a great plugin any wanna see it in action i am 110 % satisfied with this.
spice your site up today
Review posted by TimothyC on at

Um, is "HOLYFREAKINSHIZZIE" an understatement?

Seriously brilliant idea. Seriously brilliant execution.
Just put it to work on my site. Fills the screen with potency!

Recommended for anyone who wants a cost-effective way to blow your users' minds!
Review posted by slyzz on at

Backround YouTube

Very cool, Plugin. Works fine and easy. I will give 6 ;-)) Stars if I could choose also my own files.
Sorry my English. I meant choosing files from my own directory. Not only from youtube.

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