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Review posted by kandih on at

Very nice Addon.

Easy to use and did what we needed it to do.
Review posted by banditetr on at

Nice very very nice

TOP simple the best
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Killer Addon

Great addon to effortlessly remove all of the annoying titles, adverts, etc from youtube videos.

Love it! what a time saver
Review posted by imJack on at

You guys make my life soooo EASY!

For all of my custom builds, I create a page for the site owners on how to manage their site. This sweet little add-on lets me create the playlist in my channel, and load it to the page.

For sure this will be another staple in my custom builds, along with Pop-up Pro, and Cpanel. NICE!!!

Review posted by Adreco on at

Very Polished

clean - versatile - easy to use. Everything works and looks as advertised! Thanks
Review posted by Empraxis on at

Great add-on, spectacular support

I'm with all the other positive reviews here. Had an issue with centering videos and JB was right on it, sending me the code for my theme. Awesome quality all round.
Review posted by webmobilized on at

You Tube Pro

Very nice alternative to concrete5's youtube block. I needed to display the YouTube Clips quite small so JB's simple player was just what I needed.

JB also provides great support and I have no doubt that he will continue to innovate this product.

best regards
Review posted by senshidigital on at

Great product and great support.

Had a problem with this add-on because of the 5.4.2 update. Communication between myself and JB has been great and got the problem sorted.

The add-on also offers a clean way to display You Tube videos.

Great work!
Review posted by azimpact on at

Didn't work at first but Developer provided great support!

Didn't work at first but Developer provided great support!
Response by jb1 on at
Hi azimpact, I always provide top customer support. I haven't received a ticket from you regarding this issue. Can you please submit a support request and I'll help you get the issue resolved.
Review posted by APBCadmin on at

Almost perfect

Great add-on... Brought the professional, width customizable layout that we were looking for. Super easy to use.

Reason I say "almost" perfect, is same as the others... It lacks a "Full Screen" button.

ALSO... Videos won't play on iPhone. :(

4 1/2 Stars


Inserted my first video in seconds:
Response by jb1 on at
Thought you'd be happy to know a "full screen" feature has just been added. Please check it out.
Review posted by andreyman3d2k on at

Very Cool

This add-on is slick. Looks great, the only thing I have a complaint about is the lack of a full-screen button. Besides that, awesome.


Response by jb1 on at
I've received a lot of requests about the full-screen feature. Although there are technical limitations because of the fine folks at Adobe (related to full screen Flash being controlled by Javascript), I managed to find a relative elegant way to reproduce a similar effect. Hope you enjoy it.
Review posted by plschneide on at

Great Expansion ogf Tube

The basic You Tube add on is ... okay, but this one really adds all the extras you want. Sure you can edit HTML code and mess with changes there, but in the end the end user doesn't want to, or really can't even do that. This is where the Pro version steps in. Sure made my life easier, by making my client's lives easier!
Review posted by clmedia on at

Cool Add-On

Nice work on this -- especially nice for customers who don't want all the normal junk that YouTube throws on at the end -- often that display competing products / companies.
Review posted by darwinje on at

Awesome job

Having worked with C5 for a while now I have been constantly frustrated in the lack of options for YouTube video's I mean lets face it the skin that YouTube provides is starting to look very dated. So this addon from JB1 (C5 Extra's) is a god sned now have complete control over the YouTube videos I post.

Well done JB1!
Review posted by VeronaWalls on at

You Tube Pro add -on

As a beginner to building my website, this add on was the best. Easy to use, great professional look and very affordable. To see it in action see it at my website
Review posted by invision on at

Great add-on to impress the client

I'm using this add-on to keep my client's site design clean and uncluttered.

As an experienced Flash developer, it's relatively easy for me to create a custom Flash player for embedding in an HTML page. It's also easy to embed a manual player in an HTML block in C5, but NOT easy to train a client to use it.

This block solves that problem very well. To see the YouTube Pro add-on in action, visit my client's site at
Review posted by tallacman on at

Pro Site Worthy

A great, code-compliant youtube block with dead simple configuration. Just enter your url from the youtube site and set the pixel width you desire. Clean controls look much better than the stock embed method. I've put up a comparison on my site (as I am want to do) at:

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