Version History

IMPORTANT - If you are upgrading to v2.0 of ZBS from an earlier version, please read the Upgrading from ZBS 1.x before upgrading.

2.1 - Magic data integration updated for php 7 compatibility

2.0.13 - php7 compatibility. Changes to function definitions for compatibility with php7. Note - to update a site to php7 you will need to make core updates (currently only on github and not released). You will also need to ensure that eCommerce is php7 compatible.

2.0.11 - Add warning notes to address and cost rule pages advising that zones and delivery methods need to be configured.

2.0.10 - Prevent text comparisons from causing code errors when no comparison value is defined.

2.0.9 - Fix issue with split cart message.

2.0.8 - Fix issue with JSON encode for php < v5.4

2.0.7 - Fix issue with built in diagnostics for php < v5.4

2.0.6 - Fix typo in split by group select text. Update old IE version detection.

2.0.5 - New cost basis and units for Area. Refactoring of volume cost basis.

2.0.4 - Fix typo in comparison precision calculation. Added dashbaord error message when no cost basis enabled.

2.0.3 - Fix split by group warning when attribute not present.

2.0.2 - Prevent cart error when country rules are faulty. Enable events to force null returns. Fix issue where shipping not available could be confused with shipping not required.

2.0.1 - New behavioural options for matching zones within countries. Fix styling of cost basis dashboard page.

2.0 - New dashboard interface providing extended shipping rules and additional cost rules. Many new features in response to user suggestions. Pluggable architecture to facilitate further extension.

1.10.2 - Optimisation for sites limited by php ini setting "max_input_vars". Detection of common configuration mistakes. Improved support for core discount types.

1.10.1 - Fixes missing message issue for shipping by Product or Item introduced with v1.10.

1.10 - New dashboard page to setup attributes. New attributes to control product contribution to calculations and split-cart grouping. Changes to token insertion to use {{braces}} instead of [%parenthesis-percents%] to facilitate future plans to integrate Magic Data.  [%parenthesis-percents%] remain supported, but are deprecated and will be removed in the future. - Resolves issue when using cost modifying attributes and calculating shipping cost by value. - Repaired 0 cost issue re-introduced at v1.9 - Fixed issue with new installer and some c5 versions.

1.9 - New config options: change sort/comparison order of cost basis; remove unwanted cost basis options. - Repair glitch that prevented 0 cost under some circumstances.

1.8 - Select zones based on user group. Configure internal calculation precision. - Correction to placement of currency symbol

1.7 - New features: New excess shipping costs rules, sequence of dashboard tabs to reflect most developers workflow, Concrete5.6/Bootstrap2 dashboard compatibility, minor bug fixes.

1.6 - New features: Delivery options, rule Import and Export.

1.5.3 - Interface enhancements and addition of Concrete5 events to facilitate integration by other developers.

1.5 - Now compatible with C5.5, also maintaining compatibility with earlier versions of C5. Refactored to assist 3rd party integration. Now has its own dashboard section.

1.1 - Enhancement with configurable rule messages

1.0 - initial release