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Review posted by stuarth123 on at

Amazingly flexible and great support!

Using this add on I have been able to set up my shipping tables exactly as required, no matter how complex my clients requests. I had a small issue with getting a free shipping discount code to work correctly but the support from John was above and beyond.

I would highly recommend this add on as a vital part of any serious store in concrete5.
Review posted by jivemedia on at

Awesome Extension

This concrete5 extension is perfect for customised shipping. Support from the developer is also top notch! Great work!
Review posted by ideasponge on at

Great Addon and very flexible

This addon is one of the more advanced addons in the marketplace but for good reason. It allows you to setup complex rules such as charging a set rate for shipping based on cart total but offer free shipping if over a specified total. The latest changes John implemented now allow for even more complex rules to support the addition of productions that have free shipping by default while still supporting the shipping rules for other products. Honestly 5 stars is not enough, it, and John, deserve 10 stars.
Review posted by jamesleech on at

ZBS - 2 months on

I set this up a few months ago and gave it 5 stars. I needed tro make some changes and it was a piece of cake. This should be part of the ecommerce core it is so very good.
Review posted by Adreco on at

Needed complex shipping to be simple

Zone shipping delivered! We just licensed another eCommerce site with this add-on and it provides more features than we utilize. Another Outstanding value for C5 users from John the Fish
Review posted by jamesleech on at

We need more stars.

This is the first time I have used an add-on by John. What a guy!
I need more stars (can someone give this man a fish?).. actually, I think I will catch one for you right now....

Zone Based Shipping makes Concrete Ecommerce FLY above the pack!

Thanks John!
Review posted by terasoft on at

Awesome Addon, Awesome Support!

When it comes to shipping, if you can think of it, this addon can probably do it! If you don't know how to do it, John probably does, and he will show you...
Review posted by joelhansen on at

Fantastic add on, incredible support

Very deep control over the collection and addition of shipping modifiers. It is as feature rich as the description and documentation claim, but also easy to set up very complex shipping matrices (I've deployed this with 100+ different Cost Rules on multiple occasions).

Additionally, John's response-time and depth of replies to support issues or even general questions is always above-and-beyond. This guy genuinely cares about the people buying his stuff, even if it a user-related issue and not anything technically wrong with the plugin - not to promise any hand-holding ;)

This is a well made Add On from a very committed developer. I'll keep buying this for every single C5 eCommerce installation I deploy.
Review posted by rhythmracing on at

Highly recommended

ZBS is a very flexible program that has allowed our site to customise our shipping for those parcels being sent interstate and overseas. It is a must have for any business using ecommerce.
In addition John's support has been excellent, his communication is prompt and the response is very detailed with great suggestions.
Review posted by rainmaker on at

Great customize shipping addon!

Great addon for those who are looking to customize shipping in eCommerce!
Review posted by citytech2 on at

Fabulous add-on

It works like a charm. Great add-on...
Review posted by ianj on at

A "Must-Have"

This add-on is an essential one to have if you are using core commerce and have a diverse shipping requirement. The flexibility of this add-on means that difficulty of different freight rates to different areas is simple to overcome. Highly recommended.
Review posted by PassionForCreative on at

Great Add-on

This is a fantastic add-on. I'll be making this compulsory with any e-commerce store I do from now on. Saves both me and the client so much time & effort. Great job
Review posted by obaluba on at

Great addon

Needed this addon whilst adding a wholesale element to a site. John's support was very good, highly recommended!
Review posted by kevinbrown04 on at

Great flexability

Installed this at version 1 and after a very speedy fix its working very smoothly. Highly recommended add on.
Review posted by Lilyfanatic on at


John developed Zone Based Shipping to meet the detailed shipping requirements of my site ( Since our new site went live last month it has performed flawlessly, It offers great flexibilty, multiply Zones can be created for any Country, hence if like in the U.K. your shipper charges more to deliver to certain area's, a seperate zone can be created to cover them.

2.0.1 - 1.5

Review posted by rc255 on at

does what it says on the tin

Took me a while to get my head 'round how it works, but when I did, it worked great! Had a few problems when I upgraded to the latest version, but John was at hand to iron out the problems.

Great add-on and great support. Thanks!

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