Is it a ZBS or eCommerce problem?

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If you are encountering a problem with shipping, it may not be immediately clear whether it is to do with ZBS rules or whether it is to do with eCommerce.

A test you can do to find out more is to go to the eCommerce shipping page and (temporarily) disable ZBS and enable the built in default shipping type.

Run an order with the default shipping type and see if it ships and whether you still get any problems. That will confirm whether the problem is with the way eCommerce is set up or the way ZBS is set up.

Remember to change the enabled shipping type back to ZBS when you have completed this experiment.

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WildExtreme replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, I've purchased the Slate theme with the E-Commerce add-on. The free Table Based Shipping add-on has also been uploaded, but neither this shipping (set up as weight based) nor the default shipping option are working. I've run tests through adding products to cart, but shipping costs are neither displayed at the Checkout stage nor on the Paypal invoice payment confirmation screen.

Any advice offered would be great, I need my site up and functioning as soon as poss.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
It is extremely unlikely to be theme related because everything clever in ZBS is within the dashboard part of it. Even so, you can check by swapping to plain or greek yogurt themes temporarily.

The most obvious thing new users forget to do is enable the shipping types within eCommerce.

Once ZBS is enabled, you can also turn on all the diagnostic logging for ZBS and see whether it is making log entries (and what the entries are)

If you still have issues after checking the above, please open a support request as that makes it easier for me to track and provide timely help.
WildExtreme replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for your fast response. Will do as advised now and give it a go.

Much appreciated.

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