New Features in ZBS v1.6

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Vewsion 1.6 of ZBS introduces Delivery Options, so you can configure for any number of customer delivery choices through the zone cost rules. For example, standard delivery, overnight delivery, airmail, freight, standard with gift wrapping....

The other new features are rule Import and Export, so you can back up rules, experiment with the safe knowledge you can restore your old rules, copy and move rules between sites, send rules to me for support, and post rules on these forums for others to install.

The delivery options necessarily result in a potentially larger set of cost rules, so the JavaScript that manages the ZBS configuration page has been extensively optimised so you can edit even larger sets of rules without your browser becoming sluggish.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Users of ZBS may also find my new addon Quick Log View of use to view rule diagnostics while developing shipping rules.

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