Product Based shipping free for most states but fee for others?

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Is it possible for me to be able to offer free shipping for a single product shipped to the lower 48 Us states, but charge for Hawaii and Alaska? And this only for that one product, the rest of the products follow a "Pay for Cart total under X", "Free for Cart total over X".

Any ideas?

Here is my current configuration string which works as intended for all other products besides this special one.

{"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_APPLY_MULTIPLIER":[],"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_COST_BASIS":["value"],"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_DELIVERY_OPTIONS":["Delivery"],"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_EXPLAIN_COST":["value"],"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_UNITS":{"weight_units":"g","dimension_units":"mm","sum_dimensions_units":"mm","volume_units":"mm3","cost_units":"Cart"},"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_UNKNOWN_COST_MSG":"UNKNOWN SHIPPING COST[%null%]","SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_ENABLE_EXCESS_COST":"","SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_EXCESS_ROUNDUP":"","SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_VALUES":[{"zone":"United States","delivery_option":"Delivery","value":"49.99","cost":"10","message":"Under $50 Total Flat Rate"},{"zone":"United States","delivery_option":"Delivery","value":"100000","message":"Free Shipping for totals $50 and over"},{"zone":"Hawaii","delivery_option":"Delivery","value":"100000","cost":"1000000","message":"[%null%] Shipping unavailable outside the Continental United States"},{"zone":"Other Countries","delivery_option":"Delivery","value":"100000","cost":"1000000","message":"[%null%] Shipping unavailable outside the United States"}],"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_EXCESS":[],"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_ZONE_RULES":[{"addr_field":"Country","match_type":"equal to","match_text":"United States","assign_zone":"United States"},{"addr_field":"State\/Province","match_type":"equal to","match_text":"Hawaii","assign_zone":"Hawaii"},{"addr_field":"Country","match_type":"default","match_text":"Other Countries","assign_zone":"Other Countries"}],"SHIPPING_TYPE_ZONEBASED_ZONES":["United States","Hawaii","Other Countries"]}

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
This support request addresses a similar question:

Generally, the trick is to mark the second set of products with a zone shipping attribute value of 1 per product, then use the sum of that that to add on cost rules. Your rules will have some duplication because you are (mathematically) flattening a multi-dimensional matrix into 2 dimensions.

You should also look at the excess cost table as a means of adding on a cost proportional to the zone shipping attribute for the far off states.

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