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When you process an order and get the message from eCommerce "Shipping is Unavailable", the first thing to check is that ZBS is enabled from eCommerce at Dashboard > eCommerce > Shipping.

With that enabled, how can you tell whether ZBS is running?

1. You can enable ZBS diagnostics and see the rules processed in the log file. These tell you what rules are processed and the decisions made, so can help pinpoint which of your rules you will need to adjust.

2. You can enter a catch all shipping zone to the end of the ZBS rules:

In the Zones Tab add:
"Anywhere Else"

In the Address to Zones Map add
Country default "Anywhere Else" Anywhere Else"

In the Cost Rules tab add
"Anywhere Else" ... very big numbers for any active cost basis... "Delivery to Anywhere Else"

So, when ZBS runs, any rules you have that do not match at all will end up being caught by Anywhere Else. That way you will know ZBS has run and it is your rules that are not formulated correctly.

Unless you actually need a 'catch all' rule or a default rate, you will need to remember to remove this rule when going live!

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