ZBS for two types of shipping?

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Hi John,

You helped me get Zone Based shipping up and running - it all works flawlessly. I wish everything else went as smoothly!

I have been asked to add an additonal shipping type to the system, I think I will need to use a separate shipping add-on, but I wanted to run this by you in case you snap your fingers and say - that's easy - ZBS can do!

Existing - using couriers:
Multi zones, zones are based on post codes, with 3 different weight stages. (suitable for wholesale customers purchasing large volumes)

Extra - using Australian Postal service:
Non-logged in user (Retail customer) purchases small volumes, one off items. Three shipping options required to any Australian destination
0-3 kg
3-6 kg
6-9 kg

Do you think having the two concepts running in parrallel with ZBS?

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jamesleech replied on at Permalink Reply
I've got a solution - I should have checkd before posting - but this may help someone.

ZBS used in conjunction with Table Based Shippinghttp://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/ecommerce/additional-sh...

Gives the additional shipping option for flat rate shipping by weight.

A perfect complement to ZBS!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You can actually do this within ZBS by setting up multiple delivery options. Call them say Regular and Extra.

Set up a shipping rates table with regular shipping for the various zones, putting in a flat rate of $xx for up to YYkg (big enough to cover any cart).

Then, for the zones where you want to offer Extra shipping, put in additional rows with Extra Shipping selected for each of the weight ranges.

You can have further delivery options with whatever weight/cost calculations, for example, setting up a 0 cost for a 'Customer Collect' delivery option.

A word of caution on this for any shipping model, don't get too clever/complicated. While it may look neat in concept. You will need to maintain it whenever your shipping costs change and the complexity itself will then become a significant business cost.
jamesleech replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey - that sound like good plan - I'll try it out!

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