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Russian language for zoom image

I use this add-on almost on every my site. And I know that a lot of Russian users use it, but not all of them very well in English. So I translated this add-on in Russian language and attached localization files here. I'm very happy if you include thi…

limit the size of zoom

I have a high-res file of about 4000 x 3000 px but I want only the zoom to go 800px. Is there a way to do this other than physically resizing the image.

Edit block to include other content?

Lovely add-on. Thanks a lot! However, I want to embed my zoomable pix in a content block that includes other content - not just the pictures. That is, I would like to place text around or under the pictures, but have the pictures zoomable. In an ord…

Background overlay

Can anyone help me add a background overlay behind the fancybox? I want it to gray out the rest of the page when the fancybox is displayed. Thanks!

Multiple zoom images per page

Hi: I've got a page with several zoom_image (latest version) blocks and the images are not zoomed anymore. The fancybox doesnt show ( ) And also the css and javascript gets imported several t…

Print Zoom image

Hi Remo, Thanks for your ongoing and amazing contribution to c5 . You helped me when i was just starting out and I have just bought your recent C5 guide. My question : I'd like to have a print function/icon inside the zoomed up image window so that …

Strange pre-load of the large image?

When my page is loaded, the plugin seems to quickly load the large image and then hide it. Anybody else who have seen this? Could be a conflict based on using the same names, but I'll let you know when/if I find the error.

Text color?

Absolutely love this. One glitch for me is that my zoomed picture caption is practically invisible. Can anyone tell me where the text color is set for the caption? Maybe this is obvious, but so far, not to me! Thanks,

What about ajusting the z-index

Hi Remo - What about the z-index - could you give me a hint where to put that in to Zoom Image. It is making a lot of fuss with my top jquery dropdown menu. Regards Michael

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