These prizes will change as the contest continues and more developers pitch in, but could include:

- 1 year FREE VPS hosting (1 site)
- Core S.W.A.G.
- Developers Add-ons

Hello friends,

The Theme Contest team apologizes for the delay. Lack of entries, technical difficulties and personal issue arose that caused the Theme Contest project to be put on hold. Thank you for your patience while the results of the contest were reviewed.

The Theme Contest team met to discuss how we would handle results of this year's contest, and with so few entries (plus the lack of promotion and follow up on our behalf), we have decided to declare all entrants winners this year!

A huge thank you to the five theme authors who entered, and your prizes (we're getting a list for you) are forthcoming.

Please give a round of applause (and buy their themes!) to the following theme author and their entries, in no particular order:

Yes, we realize this takes the "contest" out of the mix, but we've learned quite a bit from this experiment and should we return again some day we are confident that all the kinks will be worked out.



Posted by gewald on
Is community voting coming? It's April 18.
Posted by cannonf700 on
I'm wondering that too... It's now the 20th.
Posted by maranatha on
Were there no theme submissions to vote on?
Posted by pakigreenl on
Well according to a thread in the forums, dates were moved back. If that is the case why have you not updated this page? Not everyone will see the forum thread and know what's going on. This page needs to be updated with the new dates. Seriously.
Posted by LucasAnderson on
Sorry for the delay (and the anticlimactic result), please see our explanation above. For what it's worth, we appreciate your interest.
Posted by PineCreativeLabs on
What's the latest on this?
Posted by frz on
see above.
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