General Usage

8Bit uses a left sidebar layout as the default view, and it supports adding your own layout using Bootstrap. It includes a right sidebar and two columns layout.

Many of the blocks have styling support for them.

This theme uses the Google font "Press Start PS". However, you can change this in the customization options.

You can also choose from 3 color presets: Default, Mario, or DOS.


Bit Button Block

This block allows you to enter a button label, and you can choose to link to a page within the site, or to an external link. Choose one of the 8-bit styles for the button.


Cover Bit Block

This block uses the HTML5 canvas element to render an image with a pixelated effect. Simply choose an image, and how pixelated the image should be. Pixelation is based on a range of 1 to 10, where 1 is sharper, and 10 is most pixelated. The block is fluid, so any size image will work. 


Apply a Text Shadow

If you want to add a text shadow to any text, simply apply this class: "bitshadow".


Make Text Fluid

You can make text "fluid", so it fits better on different devices. Best suitable for paragraph text. Apply this class: "flow-text".