Version History


Very minor change to sample content (content.xml file) to make the theme more concrete5 version 8 friendly. No need to upgrade from v 0.9.7, only affects new installations with sample content. 


*IMPORTANT - Updated bootstrap 3.3.6 to 3.3.7. The Bootstrap update won't affect the theme styles but please read Bootstrap guidance if any concerns:

Changed Achillea button block form.php. 

Deleted google map from sample content as now needs API key. 

Updated html5shiv.js to 3.7.3

Updated masonry.js to 4.1.1 

Updated wow.js to 1.1.2 

Updated FontAwesome to v 4.7 

Minor change to miscellaneous.less - changed border radius on input fields


If installing theme for first time with sample content, please ensure you are using concrete5 v5.7.5.6 or higher.

minor changes to sample content - some changes in preparation for v8, removed page list from search page as tags can now link to filtered page list


removed deprecated code, added some more image block custom classes


minor modification to header.php

accordion block view.php minor adjustment