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When the nav on Alpha shrinks to the responsive, 3 bars, any menu item which has sub pages is no longer selectable. For example, on my site, "About" is a page, and is selectable when not responsive (shrunken to 3 bars), and so are the sub nav pages. But if you compress the viewport to the 3 bars, About is no longer selectable, it only gives the option to the sub-navs.

Also in that case, the "Back" button, presumably to return to the main menu, that button doesn't work either. Screen shots attached. Fails in multiple browsers.

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formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
Please refer to my last support response in terms of functionality not working.

The top level link in the mobile navigation is used to navigate to the sub menu and not to the top level page, this the way the foundation menu works.

You may consider restructuring your sitemap so that any content on the about us page sits on a sub page for example.

odexcellence replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure, I can restructure but that won't solve the fact that the NAV in full mode and the NAV in mobile mode will function differently. I can add a "About Us" external link, or add a sub-page, but then it would say: ABOUT, and then ABOUT under ABOUT.

If the main link is selectable in full mode, how can the behavior change when converted? That doesn't make sense.

Are you saying this is a ZURB bug?
odexcellence replied on at Permalink Reply
Also, what about the "BACK" button not working?
formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
Not saying it is a bug; saying that is the way they built the navigation to work on purpose.

Top level links are looked at like 'sections' and sub links as the actual pages that hold the content.

The way to approach it is to have the about us page redirect to the first link in the sub nav on desktop. This is achieved by using the Replace Link with First in Nav as outlined here

Back button - you have multiple javascript errors from third party scripts on the page. The menu works with javascript so one of your third party scripts may well be breaking it. As you will see this functionality works as intended on our demo site.

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