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Bought the theme last week.
Some startroblems ,but now it is working and I am very happy with it.
My last site was Joomla, this is so much easyer !!
I could build it ater installation in a view hours and it looks exactly the way I want it to look.
Review posted by iluvla on at

First Class Theme

This theme is absolutely great!
Easy to handle and to create an awesome look within minutes!
Review posted by dainger on at

Excellent Theme

It just looks so nice, I love it.
Review posted by Ekko on at


I wasn't sure at first whether this was going to work with a construction site, but it turned out perfect. Client loves it, took less a day to put together, and the site stands out heavily against its competitors. Client has already reported an increase in contracts, and I look like a champion, all in a few clicks.

The fact that it looks just as good in mobile was icing on the cake.
Thanks Anim8ed
Review posted by andreagiov on at

Nice Theme

Very Nice Theme! Easy to install, easy to customize content's height and width.
Review posted by Trivious on at

Short, sweet, and to the point

This is a great theme. I wish it had more flexibility out of the box, but if its not tweaked, then its not your own.

I had a few minor issues with getting this theme to work, but the author provided fast support. I was able to get this theme up and running with relative ease and by adding spacing to the blocks I added to pages, I was able to get the menu looking more aesthetic as well.

All in all its an excellent theme and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something classy, smooth, and delightful.
Review posted by tastekitchen on at


This template sucks and documentation in thinner than melting ice.
stay away from it.
Response by jb1 on at
Hi Jean, I haven't received any support requests from you. I've even been kind enough to send you a PM first offering assistance which you have ignored. I'm not going to stand by while you bag out on something I've worked so hard on, and the other users clearly enjoy. There is a "documentation" tab at:
And even a demonstration video is provided on the C5 marketplace (here's a direct link: In addition, there's a demo site setup so you can see it in advance:
I don't know what you define as a lack of documentation, but clearly you're not on the same planet as most normal folks.
Review posted by webinter on at

Great minimalistic but strong theme!

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is what this theme stands for. Like Josh stated it's for minimalistic information like text/pictures with the content block, it won't deal with forms and galleries right now. But probably there will be soon an update. Another theme that represent the same idea in another jacket is Explode....

If you want to know how to deal with forms and galleries for this theme? Create an extra editable region on the homepage and use the Popup Pro from Josh, need info how? Just write me!

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