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Review posted by designsforchange on at

Poor support

I am very disappointed with the author of this theme.

First, there has been ZERO response to any of the multiple support tickets that I have submitted.

I've reached out to the C5 community and have received some feedback from them to try and fix some issues I've been having. But when the community says there are major issues and that I need to talk to the developer about them and I should request a refund.....Red flag.

Secondly, there are major mobile rendering issues which I believe to be unacceptable in this day and age of technology. Maybe I'm missing something and the issues could be resolved, but I'd never know unless I actually received a reply.

Sorry for the bad reveiw Anitya developer.
Review posted by Resipisco on at

Nice Theme but the support is fare from expectations.

Dear Developer,

Yes the theme is nice and have some cool features.
But it's not enough to create awesome things. You should care as well (if you take money for it) the support by responding on any kind of questions or tickets. Even the "stupid" ones, at leased to give your feedback about you care or you don't care the topic.
It's not funny for a website editor to post in a black hole, while having problems with your products.
I've bought 2 themes from you, but seems to be not enough to get a responding communication.
The only response I get is the auto archive message from the C5 admin, because of missing activities in that topics.
Even you are very busy, you should care about responsive communications!
Therefore, I can give you only 3 stars. I'm very sorry for that.

Best wishes ... and a hint for changes, your customer!
Response by sebastienj on at
I'm very sorry for late during the summer, i will check support.
Review posted by owlnotion on at

Modern and flexibel

Great starting points and easy to make our site look modern from the very beginning. With some great WOW-effects! Looking forward with Anitya on our current startup journey...
Review posted by barkingtuna on at

Great theme... excessively full of customization surprises!

Redesign of existing website previously done in 5.4-5.6 with a modified Slate Theme. I hadn't touched my website in 3 years... had been letting recent client websites sell my services. I figured it was long overdue and used Anitya as a launching point! Great theme/package full of all kinds of extras!http://www.barkingtuna.com
Review posted by getyourcheaton on at

Great Theme!

Anitya is a great theme. It has a small learning curve but once you get the hang of everything it's super easy to make awesome content in a jiffy. So far i've created tons of content and i even learned how to use stacks! (sorry im a nube).

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