Accordion From Stacks...2 hours of staring at your examples, still no idea how it works

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Here's what I have figured thus far:

1) Make a stack
2) Add some Text Content blocks (3 as in your example)
3) Name the block (Custom Block Name under Advanced) whatever the Accordion title will be for each block
4) Add stack to a page (Main) area
5) From the "Design and Custom Template" choose Custom Template of "Anyita Accordion" and Custom Class of "Accordion Primary"

Step 5 is where it is not the same on my setup - those options do not exist. Obviously I am missing a step somewhere.

Thanks for any assistance. Great template who's secrets I am slowly unraveling. :)

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jgaryt replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Sebastian,

Since I just spent $140 on 6 licenses, a reply would be nice.
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm reaaly sorry for this inconveniance.This is because on the last version in Concrete5 the accordion is not included. It's caused by the fact that i'm waiting a job from the Concrete5 team but in vain.
So i will update the theme tommorow, you will update and playing with all new options like accordion.
jgaryt replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Sebastian. So it's a version thing? Ok. Does that also apply to the missing Attributes that are in the Demo, but not in the purchased theme? I hope you do manage to get it on the Community soon, as it's a GREAT template! When I get the new version and test it out, I will give a positive review.
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
Now published, let me know !
mclong replied on at Permalink Reply

I also have the same issue. I have updated the theme to the latest version, but there is no 'custom template' to choose from?

Any ideas?
jgaryt replied on at Permalink Reply
It works.

When you are editing the stack themselves, if you choose "Design & Custom Template", it will not work, as for some reason the small toolbar is invisible in this screen.

So, add your Content Blocks to the stack, and for each one also use the "Advanced" option to add the text for the title of each accordion tab.

Then add your stack to the page, and *then* you should be able to access the "Design & Custom Template", and choose either the accordion or slider style.

Great stuff!

Hope this is even a little helpful.
jgaryt replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent! So far so good. I will keep testing, but I do love this template
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
Strange, Can you send me access by PM ?
mclong replied on at Permalink Reply
Unfortunately this is not the case with my installation.... not sure what's going on.... I followed the steps you have described but the template will still not appear.
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
Cool !
Don't hesitate to add a review !
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
In your descritpion you tell about settings custom template on blocks INTO stacke. But this is not requiered.
Just add stack in a page and once added, choose a custom template on the stack (in the page).
jgaryt replied on at Permalink Reply
actually, I say the same thing that you are saying. I say that it doesn't work when creating the stack, only after the stack is added to the page. :)
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, i will need a access to your site. Can you send me a URL with log ?

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