Version History

1.4 -

- added editable columns inside the footer. - add custom colors for the footer.

1.3 -

- ie fix

1.2 -

-Added Icon Block
-Fixed leftsidebar pagetype column issue
-Revised documentation content inside content.xml
-Autonav css made exclusive when adding autonav inside body
-Added more customizable colors for aqua theme
-Removed excess codes inside blog entry
-Added icon block content inside content.xml
-Added 3rd level dropdown navigation
-Restyled autonav to keep it from overwriting autonavs in the body and vice versa

1.1 -
- minor stylesheet tweaks on social media blocks

1.0 -
- removed unnecessary css

0.9.4 -

-Fixed weather forecast warning when installing theme locally.
-Fixed problem with pagelist links that break when not enabling pretty urls
-Uninstalling theme will now remove assets, pagetypes, and pages that are installed by the theme.
-Kept database untouched when uninstalling theme to avoid accidental removal of end user's data.


- Removed obsolete files. Revised head attributes. Various markup fixes


- Added blog custom pagelist. Added Blog Index page type. Added Blog Page type.


- Replaced json parsing with simple xml for weather forecast block


- Initial Files