Hey there! Just to wanted to let you know we've just reduced all our 5.6 themes and add-ons. For the most part you can buy themes for only $25 and add-ons for only $15. In all cases you can get a 5 pack for the price of 3!

Thanks for reading!!

- 25 May 2016


Building a professional website has never been easier with Aria theme. Not only is Aria built on Zurb's Foundation 4 framework, ensuring total device compatibilty, it comes with several of our premium add-ons included, allowing you to quickly and easilly drop in functionality that would cost you money or time to build for yourself.

Aria is a contemporary design which makes a statement, it allows total color customization via concrete5's theme customization tool so you can build exactly to the color pallette you want.

Includes the following add-ons.

Formigo Directions. A responsive google map which will provide directions to your premises.

Formigo Social Links. Includes a theme specific custom template.

Formigo Social Life. Integrate your presence on social networks into your site.

Orbit Slider. Foundation's powerful responsive image slider/fader manageable from a familiar block based interface.


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