How to customize this theme

How to change the background image?

To change the background image, please go to your Sitemap and make a right click on the page "Home". In the context menu that appears, click on "Attributes".

A new window is opening. Click the "background" entry at the bottom left. After you click on the entry, the attribute „background“ should appear on the right side, with the possibility to select a file. Select your new background image and click on the save button.

For best results a resolution of 2560 x 1440 is recommended.


How to change the logo?

It's the same process like changing the background image. Just select the attribute „logo“ instead of „background“.


How to change album information?

To change the album on your frontpage you have to enable edit mode and right click on the album block element. In the block element settings you can change the album cover, the title, subtitle and the URLs to iTunes, Amazon & Co.


How to add a new logo in the footer?

Just add a new page below „partners“ in the sitemap and go to page attributes. Select the attribute „logo“ and upload your custom one.