Version History


  • 2012.02.19 
  • Initial submission to concrete5 MarketPlace (MP) Peer Review Board (PRB) 


  • 2012.02.24 
  • Changed main.css #sidebar and #sidebar-left to float, thanks to MichaelG of Vivid Web Design Could not reproduce reported crazy margins of the first CTA item, but revising sidebar margins, and including the float, did not appear to have any effect either, so I am guess it might be environmental and this will hopefully address it adequately.
  • Changed site title from "#logo h1" to "#logo .title" in order to reflect best practices, again thanks to MichaelG for pointing this out.


  • 2012.03.02
  • Fixed c5 UI dialog boxes stealing heading styles from typography.css, by specifying the wrapper already used around the theme for the problematic styles (specifically h2 for the Add Image dialog cited by MichaelG, but I included the others as well... just in case), in typography.css. Also selected for the tinyMCE content class, which turns out to be .mceContentBody, to retain heading styles in the WYSIWYG content editor.
  • Changed #wrapper to #c5wrapper in header.php, main.css, & typography.


  • 2012.03.16 
  • Fixed positioning conflicts with eCommerce plugin by changing #page-bottom relative positioning to float-and-clear. Thanks to Evan Cooper for the bug report.


  • 2012.03.23
  • Added Global Areas (thanks to tallacman for the sugestion)
    • Added Global (Sitewide) Areas to 'Page Bottom Content' and 'Page Bottom Sidebar'
    • Changed 'Sidebar Two' to a sitewide 'Global Sidebar'
    • Changed 'Subtitle' and 'Banner' from page specific to sitewide areas.


  • 2012.03.24
  • Removed c5 logo from the footer, and replaced with simple text link per Greg Joyce's suggestion.
  • Removed Big Business CTA block from package. Instead, use the Designer Content Block Add-On available in the c5 Marketplace to achieve similar effects.


  • 2012.03.24
  • Added #c5wrapper classes for h1 h2 h3 h4 in main.css, that had escaped to UI dialogs previously, but not returned in page content outside tinyMCE after they were moved to typography.css in v0.9.2.
  • Fixed GloablArea typo in Global Sidebar of left_sidebar.php (thanks to tallacman).


  • 2012.03.30
  • Updated Marketplace screenshots and text.
  • Updated view.php to include all prior page type template changes that I forgot to include in v0.9.4 ... oops.
  • Approved by concrete5 Peer Review Board, and released to Marketplace.


  • 2012.09.23
  • Fixed GloablArea naming convention inconsistencies in Page Bottom Content and Page Bottom Sidebar (thanks to rritz for submitting the support request).