About the Original Skyscraper Images

To achieve the three-item, sky-scraper-bulleted Call to Action effect of the original Big Business theme, I originally included a custom block type that installed along with the theme. The block could be inserted anywhere, but was intended to fit in the specified CTA Box area. It was decied that the inclusion of this block was too confusing to the end user, and so the block was removed. A similar effect with the image of your choosing may be achieved through use of the Designer Content Block Add-On available elsewhere in the c5 Marketplace. 

Big Business CTA Block Instructions:

To insert the block in your site's design, proceed as follows:

    1. Login to your site as administrator.
    2. Enter into Edit Mode by clicking on Edit and/or Edit This Page from the Admin bar.
    3. Click on Add to CTA Box, or any other area to which you wish to add the Big Business CTA block.
    4. Select Add Block from the resulting pop-up menu.
    5. Scroll down in the Add Block dialog, and select Big Business CTA.
    6. Complete the Add Big Business CTA form as desired, using valid HTML to include links, bold, italics, etc. in your content.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Click Editing on the Admin bar.
    9. Click Publish My Edits.
    10. Behold the skyscrapers.

The image portions of the inserted block will be missing until you select Publish My Edits under Editing on the Admin bar. To change the content of the inserted block, repeat steps 1-2 above, select the existing Big Business CTA block, and then click Edit