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Professional Website

Bitter Theme + UI Bundle. Everything you need for a nice looking website. Get the special offer for just $100 and safe $250.

Professional Shop

Bitter Theme + UI Bundle + Bitter Shop System + PDF Designer. Everything you need for a nice looking shop. Get the special offer for just $290 and safe $355.


Do you want the theme to look just as spectacular as on the demo side? No problem! The theme contains two installation methods. A standard installation method that always works if you have installed the theme previously. Here, too, example contents are installed. However, all areas are left empty, where instead (as in the demo) elements such as progress bars, Akkordions or similar special elements are placed. All of these beautiful design elements (that are not part of concrete5 itself) are custom builds that put your page in the limelight.

There are a total of 10 extensions which you can buy for $55 surcharge to the regular theme price. Each extension would cost $35 individually, $350 in total. Save not only a lot of money but take your site to the next level with these stunning design enhancements.

The UI bundle consists of the following components:

  1. Image Carousel
  2. Portfolio Grid
  3. Progressbar
  4. Accordion Pro
  5. App Icon
  6. Counter Up
  7. Glossary List
  8. Smart Banner
  9. Responsive Image
  10. Panorama Viewer

Click on the name of the extension to go to the respective product page.

Click here to buy the Bitter Theme together with the UI Bundle at a discount.