Version History
-ios7 support
-z-index fix for default slideshow block
-Support for concrete5 v5.6.1
-Added missing composer social icons
-Support for concrete5 v5.6

-Updated to Bootstrap v2.0.4
-Added 3 custom templates for "content" block (well, modal, hero)
-Added optional global header and footer editable areas
-Fix for left and right custom templates for auto nav
-Added responsive video support (built in youtube block and hereNT Vimeo Block)
-Added CSS to make layouts responsive
-Reworked mobile version of auto-nav to display sub level pages when clicked on instead of always showing
-Nav now has full functionality while logged in
-All version of auto nav custom templates now have drop functionality
-Paging fix for ecommerce for mobile devices
-ecommerce sorting fix

-CSS changes
-eCommerce and Pro Blog support added

-CSS changes

-Initial release