Version History

1.2.6 - Added CSS custom style for the navigation background.

1.2.5 - Added a "Classic Page" page type. Which acts like the Home page type sans the Long Scroll navigation support.

1.2.4 - Fixed navigation bug when using different add-on for the header nav area.

- Improved background placement when the Header Top Text area is empty.

1.2.3 - Improved CSS for the navigation to allow overriding from the block styles.

1.2.2 - Realigned the background separator image for the menu and the content.

1.2.1 - Added more areas in "Blog Entry" page type.

1.2 - Added new page type "Blog Entry".

1.1 - Added note at the bottom of Home page type indicating to switch to Home Complex for more editable areas.

1.0 - Fixed navigation menu which is hidden on mobile devices.

- Added responsive support for the header banner.

0.9 - Initial version