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Before 2.4

Review posted by sk01 on at

Sweet Theme!

After the last few fixes this Theme is now really nice!
Response by jb1 on at
Thanks to you for the improvements!

Much appreciated,

2.4 -

Review posted by Bassman444 on at

Great Theme

I am new to Concrete 5 and have found this theme to be very easy to use.

2.4 -

Review posted by ssnetinc on at

Great Products - Great Support

This is the 2nd or 3rd Theme or Add-On I have purchased from this provider. All have been outstanding - not only the product itself, but the willing support that is always provided.

This particular Theme is very nice. Flexible, customizable and just plain eye-catching. Throw in a couple of this providers unique and inexpensive add-ons for special functionality, and you can have an AWESOME site!

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