Brecca is designed for a simple site with limited pages. Initially conceived as an invitation RSVP electronic invitation for a wedding, this theme would be great for any event you have planned.

Site Name

The site name is hard coded to display the sitename and is not a global area. It will show as an h1 with a custom google font of your choosing. There are eleven font faces to choose from.

Brecca comes with four header navigation templates. Depending on how many top level pages you have in your nav bar choose either the two, three, four or six menu item block template. The menu items will be centered on top of the page.


To make the navigation are look as designed choose the Brecca Nav template. This will support up to 6 pages in the top tier of your site. Nav links are centered.


Brecca has one page type that is a full page centered page type. You will have control over a number of colors in the customization panel.

There is theme styling for the Image Slider block as well as the Social Links block.


This theme comes with 11 presets which differ only in the font called for the site name. Use this a base for your styling otherwise you can't change the font later as it is only loaded with the specific template.

The registry page icons are available on the demo site for your use. Initially there are 17 icons. If you need one that is not available you may find this site useful.

Brecca comes with a full content area as well as a two column area. Below these on the default page is a global are for the social icons. You can put anything her you wish to display on all your site pages.

The h2 headings in the main are will inhibit typographic "widows" using javascript. Additionally the site name size, while adjustable has a javascript override to inhibit line breaks on smaller screens. Contact me if you need help with the configuration of any of these item if they act up.

Social Links

If you want the social link icons centered on your page choose the centered template.

Background Image

Included with Brecca is a background image block (thanks to SteevB). Place this in the background image area at the foot of the page and select your image. Your image will appear in the background on every page.

You can also use MrKDilkington - Full Screen Background Image and Overlay for the full image background, if you like.