How often will Bootstrap be updated in Brimstone?

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Hi, great job on Brimstone - it looks like a very a well-crafted theme.

We are 2 devs using Concrete5.7 to build custom sites for clients. Right now we're looking at rebuilding our company website, porting it from HTML5 to c5.7. Your underlying technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap) are consistent with our own approach so we are considering Brimstone for our new company website. Before we do, we'd like to ask:

The current stable release of Bootstrap is v3.3.6 (4.0 waiting in the wings). Do you have an established update schedule for Brimstone that addresses updates to Bootstrap (as well as HTML5, CSS3, JS, etc.)?

We're purchasing a theme today or tomorrow, so as soon as you have a chance to reply we'd really appreciate it. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Charles Moore, Principal
Still River Creative

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c5box replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Charles,

Thank you for considering my theme.

My current version of bootstrap is 3.2.0 and it has been customised in a way that it won't affect Concrete5's UI design since they are also using an older version of bootstrap.

For now, i'm not sure if I should update the current bootstrap dependencies (CSS,JS) and risk breaking a lot of my customer's sites. But I can create one specifically for you if you want. Although the version Im going to create is just going to be the latest version of bootstrap 3. With Bootstrap4, since its going to be using different CSS/JS components and elements, might be better to wait for Concrete5 to update their version first.

Thanks again and regards,
chm replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks James. Interesting... as a mid-level dev I'm not familiar with customizing Bootstrap "in a way that doesn't affect C5's UI" but will ask my senior-dev colleague who prob. knows about it.

I wonder if 5.7's Assets system is a solution? In this thread, Andrew Embler suggests this in response to JohnTheFish's suggestion of override mechanisms for jQuery and Bootstrap. Most of it is above my head, but perhaps you'll find it useful?

Thanks. Cheers,
- C

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