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Dear maker,

where can i change the picture of the banner? I can't find it anyware.
Please help


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datasouth replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Richard,

The current banner image is set as default if there are no blocks inside the banner area.
To change, simply put your site in edit mode and add an image block inside the banner area, the image you added will then replace the default.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Thanks and regards,
benkaltra2 replied on at Permalink Reply
Unable to insert block in to "Empty header image area". Shows circle with line through it when I try to drag it over. Is the area protected? I would like to change the image.

Never mind. I needed to select the + to add content to page instead of the pencil to edit.

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Dear maker,

How can i change the banner? I can't find it anyware.
Please help


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