Version History

Version 1.0.2    - Add aria-current attribute of WAI-ARIA in global navigation.
Version 1.0.1    - Reduced the file size of image files.
                         Fixed there is only one h1 on the lower page,
                         so the lower pages had two h1.
                         (Because the screen reader does not correspond to multiple h1)
Version 1.0.0    - Rename 'F&Q' page to 'FAQ'.
Version 0.9.9    - Added a search page.
Version 0.9.8    - Fixed for can to auto install home.php etc.
Version 0.9.7    - Fixed of css for IE.
Version 0.9.6    - Changed appVersionRequired.
Version 0.9.5    - Fixed to be able to install without error on version 8.0.0
                         with content swap.
Version 0.9.4    - Fixed for can to auto install home.php.
Version 0.9.3    - removed extraneous files.
Version 0.9.2    - Fixed controller.php.
Version 0.9.1    - Fixed required fixes.
Version 0.9.0    - The exact value of the version.
Version 1.0       - First version.