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Review posted by netart on at

poor support

It started as a good idea to use a modern, responsive theme like Cool, but since i am not a LESS guru, trying to customize to customer logos was a mess...
Moreover, support did not give any documentation on that matter and also no signs of life for a week now on a relevant ticket, and so client is gone...
Thanks Cool Team!
I will need either refund or at least change in my project's site-provided someone tells me how to customize something other than the limited ones available.
Newbies : avoid it!
Response by weetheme on at
Hey, sorry. I can refound you, but these what you tell not the theme's bugs or something, so if you buy it and want to override the code and the css, than you should hire a webdesigner.

So it's not really my job at the support to teach you how to write css and explain the theme's work of a programmer or sitebuilder view.

Review posted by rritz on at

Very cool theme, but has some issues

This theme is very cool indeed, some of the features are quite unique I'd say. Like the automatic resizing and fitting of images and the way you can make your own layout, adding columns and rows like you need them.

Some issues are unsolved though, like some of the custom backgrounds do not work on mobile, instead of your brand's color the mobile version may show pink for instance.

The customisation is good but also limited. If you like to have your page blue green you can have it, but you must live with the shade of blue green given. I was trying to find the css source for changing this but failed since the theme is very complicated.

Support was helpful at first but now has not answered my question for two weeks.

There's a custom template for pro blog - don't you ever try to use it if you have no pro blog installed! I did and it broke the site, I had to completely reinstall.

I'd recommend this theme to anyone who is looking for something special but also has a lot of knowledge about php and css and will be able to customize. For me definitely, I'll have to wait until the issues are fixed, as it is I cannot use the theme.

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