Version History


- Added new page attribute to open links in new tab.


- Updated header responsive view.


- Fixed requested an insecure stylesheet issue


- Updated concrete5 8 compatibility.


- Replaced button arrow images with font.

- Updated color customization.

- Added new custom templates.


- Reduced file size.

- Removed deprecated codes.

- Fixed auto install page templates.

- Added font awesome within the package.


- Fixed banner image display issue on mobile.


- Show banner image on tablet view and below


- Removed Javascript alert on edit mode.


- Added mobile contact number.


- added css fixes.

- added new autonav block custom templates datasouth_collapsible and datasouth_collapsible_v2.

- removed unused namespaces and deprecated functions.


- added color customizable homepage banner button.

- updated font weight from lighter to 300.


- enabled grid container on left sidebar and right sidebar.


- fixed nav problem on android devices


-Fixed hard to read footer fonts on tablet and mobile


-Fixed issue on image background in tempate 'Home'


-fixed font issue on ipad view


-Several CSS fixes for the footer and social icon custom template
-Removed homepage breadcrumb

-Fixed padding issues inside pre-footer


Fixed search bar inside search page
Fixed custom pagelist in footer
Added default customisable colours for Topmost header, body, footer

0.9.5 July 30 2015

Added fix for logo area issue
Added color customizable header text, footer text, copyright text and search bar.
Added header top most customizable text
Added color customizable footer Autonav.
Added customizable homepage banner area text.
Added Red and Blue presets
Added active language in HTML tag

0.9.4 - July 21 2015
-Added simple list of crimson styles into WYSIWYG and tinyMCE
-Added global area customisable breadcrumb, customisable feature block and updated content.
-Added side main side pagetype
-Added tree menu custom autonav template
-Added default topic and date nav block styles.
-Added custom page list datasouth_single_list.
-Added scroll to top, scroll to bottom and scroll to target element functionality.
-Adding thumbnail support for default c5 thumbnail custom template
-Added FAQ block custom template datasouth_faq_scroll
-Added conversation block default style and modified pagination.
-Added global area footer breadcrumb.
-Added custom login and register page

0.9.3 - 

- found stranded less dependency on footer (removed)

0.9.2 - 

- using built in concrete5 less and removed external dependencies

- fixed bug on c5 ui on certain dropdown

- fixed double logo on page load

0.9.1 Release Version