Several questions such as Different Background image per page?

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So from what you describe of the Background Image Block, it sounds like it will easily allow a different background image on any page, but I just want to confirm that.

Also, is there an example of the Feature Block in the demo? I wish I could see examles of the 10 custom templates.

Finally, does the Video Lightbox’ block us MP4, Youtube, iframe, or what (since you have separate other blocks for each of those, it begs the question).


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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Owen,

The background block can be used to display on a single page in non global area, or as I've done with the demo and placed in a 'global' area.

I will add a 'feature block' to the demo site shortly.

The custom templates are for the autonav (3), forms (1), image block (3), image slider (1), page list (1), search (1), share and social blocks (1).

Will improve mp page and explain more.

The video lightbox is my add-on already in the mp but wrapped in the package:

Thanks for looking. Hope that helps

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