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Review posted by csamuel69 on at

Easy and simple to use

Good quality for a simple site
Review posted by gundogbreeders on at

Mobile views

Although it says this is a responsive theme the navbar on tablet and mobile isn't as you'd expect them to be...

Just look at this link on your mobile device:

Would be really nice it it followed a standard 'collapsed' navigation on mobile to save space.

I have found that I am now trying to implement this myself to improve the UI/UX :(
Response by Vivid on at
I don't understand why this warrants a 2 star review? The theme is indeed responsive, but not in the browser, as this is a negative experience for end users (even though it's super cool to look at in the browser when you're a designer). Additionally the ipad view is available in the screenshots so you know exactly what it looks like BEFORE purchasing...

Also, as this theme is now a few years old, it doesn't follow a "standard" collapsed navigation, as it wasn't really quite "standard" at the time. We may release an update to update the type of nav to a little more modern, but in either case, I don't think any of these things warrant 2 stars. Especially when you know by the demo the appearance everything will be.
Review posted by drazentomic on at

Missing HR

Sorry, it is "<div class="dotAwesomeHr"></div>" in a HTML Block, (not <div class="ccm-spacer"></div>)
Response by Vivid on at
Would you mind deleting this? You just averaged in 2x 3-star reviews...
Review posted by drazentomic on at

Annoyances, Annoyances

First, it's the most beautiful layout I ever used!
Usually I do a lot of changes in the CSS. In this layout, I made only a few.

But, annoyances, Annoyances...
There are small bug and some thing could been have build better.
- Slider has background image that contains parts of the layer beneath (should be transparent)
- not responsive on a desktop browser until changes in css
- h4 bigger then h3 rather than define different css portion
- PHP errors here and there
- HTML source not nicely formatted

Just add an HTML Block with "<div class="ccm-spacer"></div>" and you have the same as the missing "HR block"

As I said, not serious issues for somebody knowing PHP and CSS, but a lot of small imperfections.

I will certainly use it more than once. I hope the quality will improve
Response by Vivid on at
it is "<div class="dotAwesomeHr"></div>" in a HTML Block, (not <div class="ccm-spacer"></div>) - credit to drazentomic.

- we don't believe a website should be responsive in the browser, but we're happy to let anyone know how to make those changes.

- The H4 is smaller in y-height than the H3. We didn't style h5/h6, because it would end up smaller than the body text.

- Really? Where? Did you ever write a support ticket about the errors? I don't think there's any PHP errors anywhere?

- HTML is METICULOUSLY formatted. as is the CSS.

Shoot me an email as to what can improve at [email protected], and we'll be happy to make these changes.
Review posted by Malko on at

A nice adn good looking theme.. but. the HR block is missed!


Actually, this is a good and beautiful theme and it works well. I had in the begining few minor issues and they were resolved but later when i reportetd an issue which is " the HR block is missed" in my theme, i 've nothing heard back. so, still waiting...

Hopefully that i can re-rate my review soon
Review posted by marcel1 on at

I like this theme.

I definitely will use it more than once.
I highly recommend it.
Review posted by erikras on at

I love this theme!

Besides this being a great looking theme, I was really impressed with the video tutorial on how to set up the home page. It was easy to put together with Michael’s step-by-step instructions.

Thanks for making my first experience working on a website an awesome one!

UPDATE 10/14/12: I just wanted to follow up here and say that Michael from Vivid gave me top-notch support after encountering a problem with an update. He promptly solved the problem and I could not recommend this theme more!

Before 2.0

Review posted by plschneide on at

Great so far

The theme is really well put together and flexible. The "extras" included, along with the help and support have been great.
Response by Vivid on at
Thanks for the positive review. We love this theme and glad you do too. Let me know if you have questions.
Review posted by dimerz on at

Best theme I have tried

Great attention to detail. All the major blocks have a custom templates. Supports was very quick after I found a bug with the navigation. He got back to me within 20m and had a fix few hours later.

I did think $50 was a bit steep when I bought it but after I installed it I now think it's the bargain of the century. In particular the image slider and other included blocks really make this one of the best value themes on

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