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Easy and simple to use

Good quality for a simple site
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Posted a support ticket over a week ago and sent 2 messages to message account and still no assistance with my problem for re-loading the theme after I had removed it from the site, unassigned it and tried to reload. Ended up with an error message. So far, it has been poor support. I like the theme, but I guess I'll get something else. Julia at Concrete5 was most helpful though for providing direction.

Before 2.0

Review posted by indybeaconhomes on at

Buggy, awful service

We had a lot of hope for this theme but the service is non existent so we have no way to fix the bugs. We held off our review as long as we could, hoping to get a response to our many requests for help - to no avail. Looks great, but problematic and there is no hope for remedies.
Response by Vivid on at
We absolutely have been awful at support in the past couple weeks. As a team, my company has been overly scheduled, and under-staffed. As you can read in almost all of our reviews on all of our themes, support is something I really value, and I'm sorry that we were unable to address your problem immediately.

However, it's a shame that this review was even written, because after reviewing your support ticket, the only bugs you said you were having were in the DASHBOARD, which has nothing to do with our theme. Our theme is simply paint on the front-end to display your content. But your bugs were dealing with page properties within the sitemap/dashboard. Again, nothing to do with our theme.
Review posted by megormi on at

The Tutorial Sold it For Me

Thanks Michael for a great template! I was reluctant to spend fifty dollars on a template but the video tutorial really helped me create my site, although I still have a long way to go. New to concrete, I must have started and stopped the tutorial fifty times. It did the trick! Thanks for the nice template and make sure you include a video with your next creations!
Meg Ormiston
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Michael did it again, clean, professional, gorgeous, and easy - worth every penny!


As I was going to bed last night I started to think to myself as a businessman and serial entrepreneur...."Hey wait a second, why should I expect the world for $50 bucks!?" It's not fair. Concrete5 has all these amazing designers and many free themes so for the themes that do cost a small amount of money it makes a lot of sense for them to also charge $50 or $100 bucks if I want different options like a main color other than brown (or the blue in the other dotAwesome theme), a few different fonts added to the theme, or even if I wanted the power slider pictures to be bigger or smaller. I think I got into the mode of believing everything should be free or "borrowed" online and I have to remind myself that there are people on the other end that are trying to make a living doing this type of work. I know if I asked a designer to create a website that looked like this for me it would run from between $1,500 to $4,500 depending on who did it and a number of other factors. And I know you state that it is not customizable, but I was just thinking it would be nice. If there were a couple options for one or two other cool fonts, the ability t change the color of the links, and the ability to change the color of the background and block colors like the brown or the blue would be nice, but you can't give people the world. I thought about it from my point of view and I think $50, plus an extra $100 here and there for some customization is totally reasonable. Gotta get a client and then I need customization on this theme from you and my Rigid Lite theme, can't even buy groceries right now, lol. Actuallly, it's not an lol, it sucks. Thanks Mike for being the best designer on C5 with the best customer service.


ps. My initial and overall site review is below....
pps. The tutorial was an absolute crucial selling point Mike! I have 4 sites with concrete5 and I didn't know a lot of that stuff, especially the "add layout" (columns/rows stuff).


I was so grateful to Michael for having Rigid Lite theme in the market place be free, that I just had to support him with this new DotAwesome theme. Everything I wished that was different in Rigid Lite magically appeared as if he read my mind. It's a trip for sure! For example, Rigid Light home page image slider pic size was 990 x 456, WAY too big I think cause a lot of my clients are so tech illiterate that they don't scroll down any further, he fixed with with a cleaner more professional slider, smaller pictures, and a place for captions next to the image. Another example is that I wanted the Call to action blocks in rigid light to allow for a small graphic adjacent to it, and he included it.

Things that made me give it a 4 versus a 5 are:

1) on the left column page type the nav bar for the side links come to a triangular point, I don't are for it, and having a couple choices would be nice
2) You can't customize the color of the link underline color or the color of the font and I love the main font, but it would be awesome if there were a few more cool fonts to choose from and if you could make the header colors whatever color you want to as well.

But, Michael makes up for these teeny little omissions because the quality and look/feel of the site is evidence of just how genius he is at programming and web development, his response time is super fast if you need help. he's a nice person unlike some of the people on these boards and forums/support areas, and his documentation video on how to set-up the home page to look like his is 20 minutes long and SO easy to follow! I'm on my 3rd site now with C5 and I learned like 4 new tricks just in that one vido alone.

I woulda given my review a 4.5 but C5 doesn't have that option! But I'm pretty hard to impress and I almost NEVER care enough to write a review, but if you want an amazing looking site that has cool blocks he's created and you need it to look like it cost you a lot of money to have it done to present yourself to a certain group of viewers (I'm a business broker) then this is the theme for you. Thanks Mike, you rock and I'm green with envy that can do what you do. =) Love the site and keep 'em coming.

My rigid light site:
My Dot Awesome Warm site:

Clearly they are both very much still works in progress!

Good luck all and take care.
Scott Kemp
Response by Vivid on at
Thanks for the great and lengthy review! It's really appreciated.

1. What kind of options would you be looking for? Just rounded corners? I may make some templates if it'll entice you to add another star ;)

2. To be fair, the theme page in the market place DOES warn you that nothing is customizable. :)

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