• For titles use "intro-text text-center" classes.
  • You can use all bootstrap css, javascripts please refer to:
  • There are 2 special page list template added especially used in blog type of pages.
  • Auto nav template (sidebar) added to be used in side bars
  • You can change the background image of the page from Page Settings >> Attributes >> "Drop Background Image" make sure background image is big enough to cover most screens. 1920 px is recommended.
  • To add images to Drop Curtain PageList you need to add "Drop Curtain PageList Image" attribute from Page Settings >> Attributes
  • To disable header navigation subnav dropdown, you need to edit elements/header.php file in line 66 $bt_main->controller->displaySubPageLevelsNum = '1';  to $bt_main->controller->displaySubPageLevelsNum = '0';
  • Custom pagelist theme "Drop page list" is designed to be used in blog posts, you can view the DEMO. You need to add Drop PageList Image attribute for the thumbnails in the pagelist.
  • Dont forget to add "Site Name Mobile" stack for displaying site name in mobile devices.