Hi How do I change the sitewide font please? Thanks Si

problem with menu

Hi, I installed the theme twice, and in the first website everything works fine, but in the second, the menu doesn't seem to be working: The styling is wrong and the subpages don't show: Any ideas? thx

Portfolio page - nice gallery block

Hi, I am trying to sell your "Elegancia" theme and the client is kind of hooked on the overlay popup gallery you are using on your demo page. How is this accomplished and is it something that we could supply to the client? Michael

Download page?

New user here. Getting an error when installing. Where can I download the zip for this and manually upload to server? "The package could not be installed: There was an error unpacking the file. Perhaps you have not uploaded a valid zip file, or you…

iPad formatting bug?

My client has complained about the theme on his iPad. Upon further review, it seems to display incorrectly in portrait mode on my iPad as well. The right side of the page gets cut off, and it isn't possible to pinch out and see everything. In landscape mo…

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