Enlil Transparent Yogurt

Enlil Transparent Yogurt

Based on Greek Yogurt, Enlil Transparent Yogurt was originally developed by myself to template my personal site.  Now I'm developing a handfull more sites on the same theme for clients!

This is a simple theme that is fully compatible with greek yogurt.  Switch between themes freely and never lose a piece of information.

Background image defined at:


Background style at:



The main container background transparency color and opacity level can be changed by editing this line in main.css just below the "main styles" section:

background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7);

There are a few minor changes to the main.css and typography.css files to accomplish widening the content areas and evening out the box shadow around the main content area, etc.


Overall this is a nice theme, ready for customization and content!!

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