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Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great Theme!

I purchased 1 to try, then went back and purchased the theme in bulk. Very versatile. Once I understood the CSS format they were using, it became relatively easy to change things up. I am able now to make every site look very different, while utilizing the strengths of this theme.
Response by Tromholt on at
Hello Edsaxmoore
I Purchased also the Equinox theme, and I have trouble with the column design - The blocks is messing around - Has it something to do with what you call "Once I understood the CSS form" - and could you tell me something about it.

I'm good at html5 and css3, but not in PHP

Best wishes
Ib Tromholt

Before 1.0.1

Review posted by daenu on at

Just fine!

Up and running in no time! The first project with the new concrete5 (5.7) and it's easy to use, well documented and absolutely professionally constructed. It is in fact very good for beginners (naturally for developers too, I just haven't got the time to develop a theme by myself)
Review posted by nellknapp1 on at

Great Theme!

I'm a beginner. this theme was I the beginner themes and it looked like it would work well for my needs. This theme is amazing! I once heard "if all else fails read the instructions", great advice. The instructions are so clear and the theme so flexible...I'd give it more stars fi they were available. Great look, highly customizable, easy to use. thank yu so much for putting the time into this theme!

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