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Hi, I didn't find a place where I can change date language (time zone is correct). On Portfolio and Blog pages date text like "3 days ago" is displayed in english and like to translate it but wherecan I do it?

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
The date you are referring to uses a script called 'Timeago' whilst the author of the script does offer translated version of the script you would need to manually add this unfortunately if one exists:
pedroC5 replied on at Permalink Reply
I found it from the list and drop it to concrete/js folder via ftp. Any idea how I can now change timeago language from english to finnish in the theme?
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Dropping the file in to concrete/js will have no effect (you should remove this) - you need to amend the relevant js files within the Equinox package. We do not support this so please ensure you have a back up of the files and make a note of the changes so you can re-implement should you upgrade.

For example, the masonry page list js file can be found here

You would need to replace lines 64 - 79 from...
prefixAgo: null,
prefixFromNow: null,
suffixAgo: "ago",
suffixFromNow: "from now",
inPast: 'any moment now',
seconds: "less than a minute",
minute: "about a minute",
minutes: "%d minutes",
hour: "about an hour",
hours: "about %d hours",
day: "a day",
days: "%d days",
month: "about a month",
months: "%d months",
year: "about a year",

prefixAgo: null,
prefixFromNow: null,
suffixAgo: "sitten",
suffixFromNow: "tulevaisuudessa",
seconds: "alle minuutti",
minute: "minuutti",
minutes: "%d minuuttia",
hour: "tunti",
hours: "%d tuntia",
day: "päivä",
days: "%d päivää",
month: "kuukausi",
months: "%d kuukautta",
year: "vuosi",
years: "%d vuotta",

This type of customization is outside of our support so more of a pointer...
pedroC5 replied on at Permalink Reply
This was helpful, thanx.

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