Version History

1.7.0 - Added option for the Slidedown Image Caption block to link to a page and open in a new window/tab.

1.6.1 - Improved editing by correcting the position for the menu and the banner.

1.6 - Added fix for IE 8 and below.

1.5 - Added support for to avoid footer navigation duplication.

1.4.3 - Fixed menu styling on edit mode and centered the drop down menu on mobile view.

1.4.2 - Improved page types with no background.

1.4.1 - Added new page types.

- Added fix for navigation position on mobile devices.

1.4 - Added fix for the banner position on mobile devices.

1.3 - Improved support page layout if Express Page Background is not set.

1.2 - Added support for the paragraph contect font style to be editable on the theme customisation page.

1.1 - Added Autonav template "Express Autonav" to fix bug on Concrete 5.5.2 and below.

1.0 - Initial version