Q: Can I add on any page type a background photo?
A: Yes you can except for “Blog” and “Home White” page types.

Q: How about change the paragraph font sitewide?
A: You can customise this via the theme’s Customisation page. for more info you can refer here.

Q: Is sitebar on the right side possible in blog pages?
A: Yes this is possible and there are a lot of page types to choose from

Q: Adding more info in the footer?
A: Yes the footer is editable.

Q: Is the nav-bar hard coded?
A: This is not hard-coded so basically you can put any add-on on this area. However, I suggest you use the Autonav block as what we are using here unless you can have someone modify an add-on to suit your needs. We also offer paid customisation in case you are interested.

Q: Is it possible in the thumb-block to have no frame around the thumbnail-photo?
A: Yes but you’ll have to modify the css to achieve that. You can refer to this article on how to do that.

Q: Can this theme support a slideshow as the main background image on the home page?
A: Nope the background image as of the moment only shows an image which you specify. However, the header can just fill any block type so you can use a slider on that only that it cannot fill the entire width like the background image. 

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